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Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 10:01pm UTC

Consider Ketamine and Increased Neuroplasticity to Overcome Depression

Boulder, United States - November 29, 2023 / Suniasol / (Suniasol Inc) /

Recent world events have left many of us struggling to thrive. If stress and worry are pushing you towards despair or depression, you're not alone. Seeking help is a sign of strength; it's an indication that you hope for better. An appointment at a ketamine treatment clinic in Boulder, CO, like Suniasol, could be a crucial first step in reclaiming your life and healing your spirit.

Listen to Your Body and Mind

Too often, the pressures of life can manifest in disjointed ways. You may feel exhausted and think you only need a better mattress, but what you really need is to manage your anxious thoughts. Continued exhaustion could lead to other serious health issues, including a failure to exercise or a tendency to isolate. Stress and worry can push you to the breaking point.

For those with persistent mental health challenges, such as chronic depression, the symptoms can lead to a sense of failure. You may avoid human connection and fall even further into despair. Isolation and loneliness are a serious health risk to anyone at any age.

The benefits of increased glutamate production from a series of ketamine treatments could offer you the mental flexibility to truly think your way out of problems that now seem impossible. With increased neuroplasticity, you can look at challenges from a different angle. You can make connections that you simply couldn't see before.

It's important to note that neural pathways are often helpful. When you build a good habit, you create a neural pathway that makes the positive choice inevitable. However, after stressful events or in the process of grieving, we can develop neural pathways that lead us into a cycle of dead ends, unhelpful thoughts, and destructive behaviors.

Connections Are Key

The holistic care you will receive at Suniasol will be designed to meet you exactly where you are now. If you've been struggling with severe depression, we will review your history and confirm that you meet the criteria for ketamine treatment.

The new connections that ketamine treatment offers will be easier to see with guidance from an expert. Because ketamine boosts glutamate production, your synapses will connect more easily. While this may be very freeing, it can also be extremely new and possibly frightening. If your self-image is low, your anxiety is high, and you have created mental pathways of self-criticism or fear of risk, then the flow of new ideas may leave you feeling out of your comfort zone. Should you notice any rise in distress or feelings of worry, you simply need to reach out to your caregiver.

In addition to regular ketamine therapy, Suniasol can also help you with intense ketamine therapies. These are often used for those who don't live in the Boulder area or are at risk of self-harm. During any ketamine therapy treatment in our facility, you will be assisted and monitored as you experience the heightened sense of release and mental change that comes with ketamine use.

Begin Your Treatment at Suniasol for a Brighter Future

At Suniasol, our treatment team will take an in-depth analysis of your current situation. Your physical well-being will be assessed, from your sleeping space to your diet to your exercise routine. Because our ketamine treatment clinic in Boulder, CO, is committed to holistic treatment, every aspect of your well-being will be reviewed and, if applicable, improved to support a strong, limber body and a flexible, resourceful mind.

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